$956k federal historic tax credits

The Bryant building was completed in 1931 and has been the home to many influential professionals over the years. Don’t let the historic charm of this 26 story high rise building in downtown Kansas City fool you.  The building now serves as a major hub for voice and data traffic in the region by providing a facility with the necessary infrastructure for carriers, service providers, and enterprise customers to do business together reliably and cost effectively.  The ownership group invested nearly $10 million through the purchase and renovation process to transform the building into a full service carrier hotel.

Facility Characteristics:
> 154,026 usable square feet
> Two parking garages adjacent and others within two blocks
> Three passenger elevators
> One building freight elevator

> 1/3 Private Chatsworth E-Series ISP Colocation Cabinets w/Key locks
> Full Chatsworth M-Series Megaframe Cabinets w/Key locks
> Full APC NetShelter SX (AR3100) Cabinets with Combination locks
> 19″ & 23″ open relay racks in Meet Me Cage
> Custom sized Private Caged Space
> Private Data Suites (approximately 100 – 400 square feet)
> Raw Data Center Space (up to 7,500 square feet of contiguous space)
> Antenna Roof Rights

> Separate and diverse KCP&L power grids
> 6600+ kVA total capacity of 480 Volt 3-Phase power
> Modular primary and backup power distribution busses
> Building transformers and switch gear with Automatic Transfer Switches
> 300 kVA Powerware 9315 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system
> 2000 KW (2 Megawatt) diesel Caterpillar backup Generator

> New and redundant HVAC Cooling Towers
> Over 1100 Tons of Total Cooling Capacity
> New Condenser Water Loop with redundant pumping system

> Two diverse fiber vaults providing building points of entry for network providers
> Located on Kansas City’s Axon Metro Fiber Ring
> Carrier Neutral Meet Me Room for tenant interconnection
> Building managed riser systems to support distribution of resources
> Rooftop infrastructure for wireless communication providers

> Building managed Card Key Access system
> Proactively monitored Video Surveillance
> Full 24 X 7 X 365 building and facility access for tenants
> Onsite Network Operations Center to respond or report to issues