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Missouri Tax Credit News

MIssouri Politics and Tax Credits - January 21, 2011

Missouri politics can be entertaining, especially when it comes to tax credit programs. Senator Crowell, a strong opponent of Missouri tax credits, has come up with an interesting new tactic. He has a bill in front of the Missouri Senate that would prohibit recipients of Missouri tax credits from making political contributions to Missouri politicians two years before and for a lengthy period after receiving Missouri tax credits. What does this mean? The good Senator has realized that he can't beat the development community and limit Missouri tax credits because tax credit supporters make such significant political contributions. If he can get his bill passed he will weaken their ability to influence politicians that get in his way. As always, money talks! No politician is going to cut off such a large base of contributors. His bill, in our opinion, has no chance of passing. Besides, how will Rex Sinquefield react if he thinks that having a lot of money doesn't get him better results than his single vote at the ballot box!

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