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Sell your Missouri Tax Credits. 
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It probably goes as no surprise that finding a syndicator for large, federal tax credit deals is normally not a challenge. In fact, you can get potential suitors to line up around the corner. But you won't find Lisart Capital in that line.

No, we're actually here for the smaller federal tax credit deals. Lisart Capital, understands the unique financial needs of real estate development projects involving federal and Missouri tax credits. Through the use of proprietary documents and a strong network of professionals, Lisart Capital can participate in these projects in an expedient manner that makes economic sense to the developer!

But make no mistake—while we focus on smaller federal tax credit deals, don't underestimate our expertise! Lisart has more than 3 decades experience in this very complicated niche market. In fact, our principal, Art Weiss, spent years working on deals at larger banks. Noting an unmet need in the marketplace, Art founded Lisart Capital to provide this expertise and service for clients with smaller federal tax credit projects.

If you need help locating a federal investor or selling your Missouri historic tax credits, we urge you to consider using Lisart Capital. Here are just a few reasons you should call us!

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Arthur E. Weiss:
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It seems like Missouri tax credits are very hard to find. At Lisart Capital we seem to spend the bulk of our time telling p...


  • Lisart Capital is an easy, convenient one-stop shop for developers. Our services go well beyond providing both federal and Missouri tax credit equity. We can also help you arrange bridge loans for the tax credit equity, state tax credit partners, construction loans, mini perms and permanent loans! As the developer, you will deal with one financial institution and one law firm, both of which have significant tax credit experience. This provides greater speed and significantly reduces transaction costs. Even on the smallest of deals!
  • We are an entrepreneurial organization absent the layers of bureaucracy of larger financial institutions. This allows us to inspect a project and, if appropriate, quickly issue a commitment letter with favorable economic terms!
  • We syndicate federal historic credits and specialize in handling those under $2 million.
  • Lisart Capital and its advisors have over 30 years of combined tax credit experience!
  • Lisart Capital, LLC also buys and sells Missouri state tax credits. Generally, there is no maximum. These credits are often obtained in conjunction with federal tax credit syndications, but can also be purchased independently.
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